Did you forget your password on your windows 8, windows 7, or even windows XP machine?

You can try getting into your computer yourself by using the administrator account. Simply restart your computer, then tap the F4 or F8 keys (all computers are different) to boot the computer into safe mode. Once you’re in safe mode, try to login with the administrator account. By default, the administrator account has no password. If you can get in, then you should be able to get to the control panel. The control panel is in a different spot for windows 8, windows 7, and windows XP. But once you’re in, navigate to the User’s portion, change another account, click on the account you want to change and delete the password.

Administrator Account Locked?

Not to worry. There’s instructions floating around on the internet about how to use command lines to get around the password. Or if you have a windows disc there are some hacks to get around it. But they have a low success rate if any.

There’s Hope!

If you need your password cracked or the ability to get into your computer back, and you live in the Boulder – Denver area, give us a call. We use special software to get the actual password back so that you can get into your system for just $99. With our No Fix No Fee policy, if we can’t get into your computer for whatever reason, you don’t pay a dime!

Hacking into your windows password has never been so easy!