It’s easy to get stuck on a boot loop

With the many types of Computers both Apple and PC running Windows, chances are higher than ever that one little update or bump of the computer can lead to a boot loop. But there’s good news, follow these simple steps to fix the boot loop yourself.

Top 3 Ways to Fix a Boot Loop

1) Repair The Computer

Not as obvious as you may think. You’ll need the original windows DVD that came with your computer or to boot off the partition that has the original image of your computer on it. This is also called a soft install of windows. Your computer has the ability to fix itself without erasing any of the data as long as the system isn’t too badly damaged and you don’t format your computer. Simply click on the tabs that says startup repair and let the computer go to work. This will work for most driver conflicts and updates errors that are causing the issue. If you can boot into safe mode, run the command SFC /scannow  to fix most errors with your computer boot loop.

2) Replace the Hard Drive

If your hard drive is showing the initial signs of failure. For Example “NTLDR not found” would be considered a hard drive error. Other Hard drive failure symptoms are clicking noises, repeated spinning up noises followed by sudden stops, or no noise at all. You can confirm the diagnosis with a DFT test found on our downloads page. If the hard drive is bad, replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

3) Uninstall New Hardware

If you’ve recently installed something, there’s the possibility that the driver for that new thing is causing the boot loop. Unplug or uninstall anything that you don’t need and try booting. Also you can try running a men-test available on our downloads page to see if it’s your RAM that’s causing the boot loop. If it’s your RAM, unplug one stick, boot and see if you get a boot loop. If the boot loop continues, replace the first stick, remove the second one and boot again.

Always Consult your local IT guy. We are not responsible for any damage to your computer done of your own volition.

With these steps you should be able to fix most boot loop problems