What is ransomeware you ask?

Ransomeware is when a horrible mean spirited human being or set of human beings work to do others digital harm for financial gain. They create a special type of virus that runs through your computer and encrypts every files on the computer system. The decryption is only available by paying a lot of money in non traceable currency to jerks who may or may not give you the decryption key at the end of the transaction. We at ITGuys in Denver and Boulder have worked tirelessly to combat previous types of ransomeware in the past. We’ve been able to successfully recover the data for many users, but this latest ransomware virus is making a lot of people wannacry, us included.

How bad is it?

The recent wanna cry ransom ware attack affected over 200,000 computers and exposed a very serious vulnerability that has been ignored for far too long. For many, computers are our lives. They house our most important document and photos. They’re our tools for work, sources of entertainment, and are major method for communication today. When an outside threat of any kind, whether it be a virus, a ransomware attack, or a home invasion threatens your data, theres an easy way to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself?

An elegantĀ solution to any type of threat to your data can be summed up in one word.


ITGuys partners with Carbonite to create full cloud based backups of computers to prevent the problems with these kinds of threats. No matter what happens to your computer, your data is safe in the cloud and can be re-downloaded onto any computer. Carbonite’s service runs $60/year. That’s piece of mind for $.16/day. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Now that you know how to protect yourself from ransomeware attacks, spread the word so that others can protect themselves too.