If you haven’t yet heard about the sheer wonder and majesty that is TeamViewer, Buckle up!


It’s among the top ten, maybe even top three best smart phone apps and programs of all time.

“TeamViewer” also known as deafening awesomeness in program form is a remote viewing application that allows you to port right through firewalls and access your computer from anywhere. There’s been a lot of attempts at this level of greatness, RDP, VNC, Remote Desktop, etc. But none of them can match the speed, ease of use, and perfection of this marvel of programing technology.

And the best part, it’s FREE


You’re at a conference in Austin and you forgot to email yourself that important file on the desktop of your computer at home before you left. TeamViewer to the rescue.


You’re trying to help your Dad email a picture as an attachment and he just can’t figure out what to do after he clicks on the little paperclip. You guess it, TeamViewer’s got your back!

But the worst part about TeamViewer, no unattended access for Apple computers. Thumbs down.

(Unattended Access means that you set a static defined username and password to access your data at any point in time.)

Why not you ask?
The short answer is… you just can’t right now.
The long answer…Macs operate on a far different platform than Windows computers and it’s taking awhile for TeamViewer to catch up.

So how do you get around this obstacle?
Start out by downloading TeamViewer for free at www.TeamViewer.com and installing it.

Then go to the Preferences Pane under the TeamViewer menu in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 1

Under the General Tab, define a user name and password (the username isn’t super important for apple computers) It’s typically more for other computers that are set up to run unattended access to differentiate between them, in other words, any other computer besides one running a MacOS.

Step 2

Next, under the Advanced Tab, check the box that says “Use control and mouse-click as right-click” This step is important when running TeamViewer on Macs only. Otherwise there’s no right click feature which can be frustrating at times.

Step 3

After the first two steps are complete, close the Preferences window and go back to your TeamViewer window. The user ID will be some random 9 digit number (make a note of it). The password should already say Predefined

Then Blamo!

You now have the ability to securely connect to your computer and pull up your screen from any other computer running any operating system from anywhere in the world at any time.

But what’s that you say? You want to be able to access your desktop from your iPhone?

No Problem!

Simply download the Team Viewer App from the App Store and login with your user ID and Password. The iPhone will automagically remember your ID and you’ll be able to pull up your full computer screen on your phone.

Zoom in, move about, right click, access your files, all of it. Right from your phone!

Happy remote viewing!

(Notes: Teamviewer needs to be running, and your computer has to be set to never sleep to make this work)