The Best Student Communication Tool Known To Man.

With allocated storage space rounding almost 8Gb, Gmail has become the perfect student email system.

It operates like a normal mail client that can be accessed from anywhere and easily integrated into any third party mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, mac mail etc.

Next it has a built in chat client for text that you can also use it as a video conferencing tool like Skype or a simple audio chat messenger for people without cameras.

Third, Google voice has just been added to augment Google’s already powerful mail client to make calls anywhere in the US for free, and/or overseas for competitively priced rates.

Next it features Google docs. What joy! In the event you don’t have open office or the Microsoft suite, you can use Google docs to compose, store, and share presentations, spreadsheets, and word documents. Or if you have documents pre-composed on your computer, you can store, backup, and share them with anyone using Gmail.

Now if that wasn’t enough, Gmail also stores all of the contacts from your mobile device in your Google contacts files so you never miss a contact.

And lastly, google has live calendar syncing across mail clients, mobile devices and live capture of important dates from emails.

Gmail.com, nothing better.