Many People are asking themselves, Why Am I Getting an Error Message Saying Windows XP Support Ends?

That’s because windows XP support ends. Its is now more than 10 years old and Microsoft hasn’t made any money from that OS in at least 5 years. So they decided to stop beating the dead horse and they’ve stopped supporting it as of April 8th 2014. You have to give them credit that they at least did it on a tuesday, Mondays are bad enough as it is. But right before tax day, c’mon!

What does that mean for consumers when Windows XP Support Ends?

If you haven’t switched already you’ve probably seen the errors that say something to the effect of “Windows XP End Of Support Is on April 8th 2014″ Or from Microsoft security essentials ” Support for this operating system is ending, when this occurs Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer be supported…” All it means for users that still have windows XP support ends machines is that there will no longer be upgrades from Microsoft for this operating system.


No More Annoying Pop ups? That doesn’t sound so bad!

Yeah, not the case. The reason that Operating Systems have updates is because the manufacturer is constantly trying to fix security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by viruses and other issues. Also, new hardware that comes out for computers will no longer have drivers written for it by Microsoft. Further with Microsoft security essentials stopping the virus protection as well…It’s time to upgrade after Windows XP Support Ends.

Where can I take my computer to Upgrade from Windows XP?

Luckily at the IT guys in Boulder Computer Repair, we’re running an end of the world special on upgrades from windows XP to windows 7. We specialize in upgrading older windows XP systems to screaming fast windows 7 systems! Don’t know if your computer can be upgraded?

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