It happens.
Your super sweet mac computer all of a sudden begins to run slower and slower for the internet. Whether its a mac book, a mac book pro, or an iMac, it’s a fact of life that problems can and will occur over time. Even if your other programs like office 2011 or games are running normal. It’s perfectly understandable to want to pull your hair out when you see that spinning beach ball while looking up Youtube or favorite IT guys blog.
The recommended operation here at the IT guys is to clean out your system completely, verify the hard drive permissions, and automate those tasks so they they take of themselves in the future. Its classified as Standard cleaning operation or an operating system service. But If you’d like to try some repairs on your own, here’s what we recommend.

A few things you could try:

  • A restart, simple but sometimes very effective. Mac’s are designed to clean themselves out on restart.
  • Next, clearing the cache on your browser, sometimes browsers choke on themselves.
  • Also wireless cards can sometimes fail, but when you’re hooked up directly to the modem, you should be able to run a speed test against your internet connection by navigating to speedtest.net. Normal Internet speeds for your area are something like 6mb download and 1 mb upload. If you’re seeing those speeds and still seeing the beach ball wheel, then I would assume it’s a hard drive issue. If you’re not seeing those speeds, then it’s an ISP issue
  • Then take a look at the activity monitor under the applications/utilities folder to see whats eating up all of your processor power.
  • Lastly to look at the disk utility (in the same applications/utilities folder) and verify the hard drive is okay.
  • You’ll want to make sure your time machine backup is not running during the time you’re using your computer. That will definitely kill your computer’s speed.
  • Also alternate browsers (safari, chrome, mozilla) may also use less processor power.

Follow these steps to bring the internet on your mac back up to speed. As always if you’re still having problems consult a professional for FREE at the IT Guys.