Are Your Print Jobs From Your HP Printer Incredibly Slow?

Everything else prints fine and fast, but whenever you try to print a PDF or a scanned document, it takes forever right?

The most common attempts at a solution to HP printer slowness are:

  • Lowering the resolution
  • Lowering the print quality
  • Printing in Black and White instead of color
  • Running Updates for adobe
  • Running Updates for Windows


But still your HP Printer is printing incredibly slowly

This problem seems to stem from a fundamental error between Windows XP and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once certain updates are applied, Adobe Acrobat Reader will no longer print large files quickly, and may just cancel out jobs entirely halfway through printing. The job from adobe acrobat reader  creates a massive file way to large to spool for the printer service. Sad day, but luckily you’ve found the solution.

First off, windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft in 2014. That means no more updates, no more phone support, nothing. It time to upgrade your computer’s operating to windows 7 or if you’re feeling adventurous, windows 8.1.  

The best way to get around  the issue of slow printing with adobe PDFs from an HP printer is:

Use a different pdf reader to print

There are a few different programs you can use to reader your PDFs.

  • Nitro PDF Reader
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • Firefox PDF Reader

All of the PDF readers are available free on our downloads page

Use one of these PDF readers and you’ll be able to print from your HP printer normally.

You’ll never have slow printing issues with adobe PDFs from an HP printer again