Comcast modems/routers/cable gateways are shipped with predefined pass phrases or keys and a predefined name for your network that’s usually something  like ‘HOME-45-4G’. While the default name of the network of SSID isn’t bad, it’s not necessarily easy to remember or easy to find if your neighbors also have similarly named networks from using the same ISP service provider.

In addition, the default passphrase to get onto your network from the manufacturer is usually some wacky word or combination of words. Not only are those types of passwords not easy to remember, they’re very insecure and easy to hack into. Don’t believe me? Take a second to google, “how to hack into a wireless network” for a good scare.

For one reason or another, you may want to change the settings on your comcast modem / router / cable gateway . Below is a short video detailing exactly how to perform this process from an Apple computer.

Change Wireless Settings Comcast Modem Router


For Apple/Mac: (this is for 10.6 – 10.10 systems)

While connected to your Comcast modem, wired or wirelessly, go the APPLE icon in the top left corner of the screen, click on PREFERENCES, and click on the NETWORK icon. From the window that pops up, tick the TCP/IP box and make a not of the IP address where it says router. (Usually or

Close all windows

For PC:

Get the a command prompt by going to your start menu and typing in CMD and hit enter. In the black window that comes up, type IPCONFIG and hit enter. Make a note of the DEFAULT GATEWAY IP, then type EXIT and hit enter to close the window.

For Both:

Go to your browser, and type in that IP address and hit enter. A new window will pop up asking you for your username and password. The default username and password for comcast routers is usually ” U/N: admin ” and “P/W: password ” but if it doesn’t work you may have to look up the specific default username and password for your specific model of modem.

Once inside the configuration screen, navigate to the CONNECTION menu and scroll down to the WIFI menu. From the Wifi menu you should see your network name and a section that you can edit the name of your network in. Click on EDIT, change the name of your network, and hit apply. You can also change the passphrase you use to log onto your network at the same time if you like.

Once you hit apply, your network may throw you offline. That’s okay, just look for your newly named network in the wireless network stack and reconnect.