…way to go Apple

After your last fiasco with Final Cut Pro X, you reinforced your stellar product line as of late with the much anticipated all new, all awful 10.7 Lion OSX.

How about this, next time you get the urge to upgrade your older products, don’t. Or better yet, take a survey. Find out what features people love about your old products and leave them in there. Or give people the option to keep the old features they love. Don’t just remove stuff completely.


Top 5 Reasons Lion Sucks

1. You can’t buy Lion in Stores.

Yeah I said it. As of the time this written, Lion is only available online. Meaning you can only download the program after purchase. In other words, it never comes on a DVD, you have to either burn the ISO or DMG to a blank disk, external dive, or restore the image to memory stick. I guess Apple just assumes that everyone they need care about has a dedicated high speed connection, and can just pull down the 4.0 GB + file and figure out how to install it themselves, nice one

2. Default Reversed Scrolling

Now this may not sound like such a big deal but when you just reverse the direction of scrolling that’s been the same since the beginning of time, it gets really annoying really fast. Especially if you’re going back and fourth between different platforms of computers on a daily basis, like moi. Imagine if all of a sudden the United States switched the direction of just freeways, so that you’re driving on the opposite side of the road, but all the other roads are normal. It’s like…why would you do that. I guess apple is going more toward touch screen technology and wants to incorporate all the functionality into their laptops too. Hey how about leaving my laptop like a laptop and my touch screen like a touch screen, yeah?

3. No Spaces Function

If you don’t know what spaces are, its a feature of Mac OSX that allows you to have multiple instances of desktops running simultaneously. They got rid of that and replaced it with some weird version called mission control.  Something that shrinks your current desktop down and opens all of the open windows in a thumbnail view  around the shrunken background. Not an improvement, not even a lateral change. It’s too bad because I loved that thing, can I have it back? Not the smoothest move on Apple’s part.

4. Right click mouse pad or two finger right click

This just perplexes me. Especially if you have a laptop with a touchpad, in 10.6 you can right click with the bottom right corner of the mousepad and use 2 fingers to right click, and hit control click to right click. In 10.7 you have to pick one. What was wrong with the system that was there? It was fine, it was cool. It didn’t work all the time, but I could always try another way if the first way didn’t work. Now, not only does it still not work all the time, but also I have to remember which one I chose to right click every time. You can’t just try both ways to make it go. Bizarre.

5. Applications folder has been replaced by launchpad

We get it, you’re progressive. You want to change everything to be uniform with touch screen technology. It’s like they’re just blatantly trying to make MacBooks into iPads. But news flash, my macbook is a macbook, my imac is an imac. I don’t need to use the same operation on my phone as I do on my G5, it was fine the way it was.


But it’s not all bad, Apple has done a few cool things from a developer perspective. It’s faster, some things are snappier, but nothing that would necessitate a whole new OS.

I give it a 1 star out of 10 Switching back to 10.6