The Google search engine most recent update to their algorithm implemented in May was designed to test websites against their mobile readiness. As searches on the internet have been eclipsed by mobile devices over desktop and laptop computers, updates are evolving with them to help guide the internet to ever faster access to information. Sites that weren’t mobile ready dropped off the face of google and negatively affected their business as a result. If you’ve recently lost business on google in the last month, chances are that’s probably why. The good news is you can check to see if your website is mobile friendly by using google’s free mobile friendly tool located here. It takes just seconds to do and it will let you know if your site is approved to be online, or if it’s been banished by the Googles of the world and the like. If your site is not mobile friendly, please contacts one of our skilled technicians at our web development team to get a free quote on making your site mobile friendly!

More than Mobile

However,  the update was more than just a platform to punish websites that failed to update their webpages in time. It was also designed to level the playing field for sites that didn’t get in on the gold rush of web page creation. For too long, search engines have stood behind sites that “got to the internet first” by using domain age as a factor when assessing the ranking of a site. Popularity is also a facet that’s been done away with. With the most recent update, google is looking for more user friendly content. How interactive is your page? A clean easy to navigate site filled with relevant information is at the heart of the value google tries to support.

Get a Checkup

It’s more important than ever to be able to access your website for mobile devices as tablets and phones become more popular to navigate the Internet on.  Use Google’s checker tool above to make sure that your web site can be seen clearly on a mobile device. If it comes back positive, you’ve done well.  But if not, you’ll need to contact your local IT guys webs development services to update your webpage that you be seen on on mobile devices.

Keeping your site mobile friendly is crucial to keeping your websites ability to be found