Best Travel Apps to have on your phone when you’re going abroad

Now that school is out and summer starting, many people are taking the opportunity to get a bit of traveling in while the weather is nice and the economy still sucks. But before you dash off on that trip down under, or hit up Israel to see someone you miss, check out these Must Have Best Travel Apps to keep you connected.

Trip It (one of the best travel apps )

This is one of the best travel apps because you can organize every leg of your journey into one itinerary. Before you start any trip, this app has the ability to add photos, notes, travel information, and changes that can be accessed at anytime by anyone you give access to. Great for the easily worried parents.

World Customs and Cultures

It’s good to brush up on the local customs when visiting foreign cultures. You never know when you’re going to be in Zurich sitting on a bench in a jail in between a guy from Costa Rica, and giant man named Hans from Hamburg…long story. Gestures, taboos, communication style, all are much more important than people give them credit for. This is one of the best travel apps because has info from over 165 different countries.

Google Translate

This app was actually being developed in the Idea Lab at MyNewITGuys before we knew that google had a team on it. But being Google they mastered it far faster than we did. This has got to be top 3 on the list of best travel apps, because it allows you to make sense of conversations in different languages. Simply type or speak slowly into your phone and google translate changes it into one of 23 different language and speaks it aloud.

Around Me

Around me is whats up as another one of the best travel apps to have, not just in other countries, but back home as well. It allows you to find the best places for things in proximity to where you are. Hotspots, coffee shops, bars, you name it and “around me” will find it. Similar apps left off the list of best travel apps are Google Places and Yelp are great ways to find places based on rating and not proximity. But in the event your phone dies, my grandma taught me you can always just look around for the place that has the longest line outside of it, all those people can’t be wrong.

Wifi Finder

This is on the list of best travel apps because it allows you to find free and paid wifi when you travel. It works in 140 countries and over 465,000 locations in the world.

Currency App

If you’re trying to get the most bang for you buck, pound, or euro, check out the currency app. This is also one of the best travel apps because it allows you to get the most up to date information on the exchange rates in different countries for different currencies. Unless you’re in egypt, then just good luck.

Metro App

Metro App is one of the best travel apps because it gets you from point A to point B with subways and underground tunnels. The times and schedules covers over 400 cities and will help get you where you need to go.

Those are our top pics for the best travel apps , safe travels!