Batteries are so dramatic. When other electronics stop working they just break, when batteries stop working, they die.

Here’s a couple tips that may increase your battery life.

Know Your Limits
Every lithium ion battery is manufactured with a limited number of charges (about 1000) and needs to be cycled continuously to stay healthy. Over time, all batteries will reduce the amount of charge they can hold for as long as they once did (long complicated reason as to why). If you use your computer at your desk or leave it plugged in for long periods of time, try simply leaving the battery out until you need it.

Too Slow?
If your laptop is a couple years old, you may be unknowingly running several programs in the background that could be burning up your battery life. Especially if your computer seems to be running slower than it once did. To see a huge upgrade in performance and extend your battery, transfer all of the data on your computer to an external drive, reformat your computer with the install CDs and transfer your data back.
(Note: A time machine back-up or system restore is very different from transferring you files to an external drive and defeats the purpose of a reformat & reinstall entirely.)

Software updates periodically releases new advances that may improve battery life. Keep your computer up to date to take advantage of step down technology and adaptive charging. Small changes in software help keep your battery juices flowing.

Ready, Get Set, Save Battery
The settings in your computer can alter battery life tremendously. Check out the Energy Saver Options in System Preferences for Apple or the Power Options in the Control Panel for Windows to maximize battery performance.
If you plan to store your laptop without use for 6 months or more, be sure to store it in a cool dry place with a 50% charge. No charge at all and your battery may never come back to life, and too much charge will cause a different set of challenges reducing the amount of power your battery will be able to store.

Stay In The Zone
The optimal temperature range for any battery is between 50°-95° (that’s 10°-35° for the metric people out there). This temperature gamut ensures the best performance for the transfer of electrons in the electrochemical cell.

Tips From The Professionals
Don’t leave your computer plugged in all the time. It’s best to continually charge and discharge your battery at least once a week.