Before you say it, I’m well aware of the irony of posting an internet blog about webpages not working online. It’s the hope that people have more than one internet capable device and can use this information to resolve internet issues. So you’ve got internet but your webpage isn’t being displayed correctly for whatever reason. In other words you’ve successfully gone through the troubleshooting of all the Internet connections in your computer but some reason when you go any website the Internet browser comes up with a ” this page cannot be displayed” page.

No Problem

There are three main causes and solutions for this:

  • The first most common reason is that you may have inadvertently downloaded a virus and is screwing with your ability to view webpages correctly. The recommend solution in this case be run to run a virus scan  with any of the free tools we have available in our downloads section to make sure your  computer is free from viruses then check your browser again.  If the virus scan comes up clean you can try doing a system restore (start/all programs/accessories/ system restore). That will reset the systems registry back to an earlier time which should fix about 90% of problems.  If not or the system restore doesn’t complete successfully, move on to the next solution.
  • The next most common reason for Internet browsers not displaying pages correctly is that for some reason somehow a proxy server has been set. This can happen by accident or by something that was downloaded. But it’s usually fairly simple to tell because  the error webpage that comes up will say something to the effect of:

this page cannot be displayed because a proxy is set

  • To resolve this issue you need to reset the proxy on your Internet browser and its different for every browser and also in every version of the specific browser. Simply Google “how to reset the proxy connection” in your specific browser. Whether the browser is Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, or some other version of some browser, every browser should have the ability to reset the proxy settings back to the original automatic settings. This applies to this applies to Apple and Windows-based computer. This will fix about 10% of issues.
  • The least common but easily most frustrating reason that an internet browser can’t view a certain webpage for whatever reason is a problem with the ports.  When you have a problem with the ports on a computer, certain applications will work fine with the Internet and another applications will not.  Its an extremely frustrating problem to have and affects less than .001% of computers. But if you’ve tried everything and it still won’t’ work, it’s the last place to go. Keep in mind this is not about the ports on a modem or a router, this has to do with the firewall on a computer and simply shutting off the firewall will not fix the issue. Luckily there’s an easy and simple solution to it once your determine the ports are the problem. to determine is the problem. All you need to do is go to portchecktool.com and it will tell you whether or not your ports are blocked. Simply unblock them and you’ll be good to go.

If all of the above fails you guys check your event viewer by going to your computer icon right clicking going to manage and then down to event viewer to determine what else may be the issue.

As always if you’re not comfortable doing the above, please call the ITGuys to check out your computer