Keeping Files Safe

There’s been many contenders in the file syncing game. Rather the “keeping files safe” game. Whether it’s a cloud, a backup drive, or a virtual file transfer system, it’s all about keeping files safe in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

Paid Solutions vs Free Solutions

Just because you can pay for a service doesn’t necessarily mean it has value. Among the options are paid and free versions of dropbox, Adrive, Carbonite, Google Drive, etc. that all have their place but limit capacity, and will charge you a monthly fee for life. Think about that for a second. Whenever you sign up for a monthly service to back up your data, no matter how banal,  that’s a monthly fee you’re paying for life. But when it comes to value for my money, I’m looking for a few things.


Solutions need to be:

  • Awesome. Easy. Simple.
  • It needs to backup all of my stuff.
  • Automagic
  • Low cost or free
  • Fast

Syncing Winner

Only one out of all the options available meet all of the criteria for best file syncing utility, and with little surprise it’s BitTorrent Sync.

They did it again, made the best of the best. Basically you set up a file on one computer and the same file on another. When files are placed in one computer they automagically show up in all computers with the file syncing program and FAST! As fast as your internet connection is, that’s how fast your files are being transferred. It’s amazing. The limit in size is the limit on your own compute equipment. And the best part, its FREE. Yes my favorite four letter word that starts with the letter F.

Check out Bit Torrent Sync for yourself on Our Downloads Page