5 Ways To Make Laptop Faster

Here’s a couple tips you can use to make laptop faster from the good folks at MyNewITGuys in Boulder . If you’re a college student like me, you live and die by your laptop. For some laptops are a useful tool, for others, laptops can be your whole life. I get asked a lot of questions about what it takes to make laptop faster. But in Boulder laptop repair has to be fast as well as environmentally friendly. Here’s a couple simple tips to make laptop faster.

These tips make it simple to make laptop faster when it’s running a little slow

1. Check your startup menu to make laptop faster (the icons in the bottom right corner of your screen) there may be a lot of programs running at the same time that you don’t need. If your computer was just running slow, choking, or freezing that would be one thing. But when it comes to boulder laptop repair, more programs also means your using more energy, creating more CO2 and can also burn through your battery. Remove unnecessary programs from your startup menu. You’ll find that this will greatly decrease your start up time and allow your computer to move on to the new commands you are inputting. This simple laptop repair tips can greatly speed up your device.

2. The next biggest issue I see toward make laptop faster is insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory). Your RAM is what your laptop refers to for resources needed to run programs. Think of RAM as the lanes in a highway where the cars are packets of information. The more lanes you have the easier it will be for information to get through (ah? information super highway reference? anyone? …okay then, back to boulder laptop repair). Insufficient RAM will cause your system to stall or your laptop screen to freeze.

3. Check your programs and remove any old programs that you no longer use which will free up space on your hard drive and make laptop faster. After freeing up space on your hard drive, the next step in boulder laptop repair will be to run a disk defragmentation operation to make sure that your programs can find all of your information quickly.

4. Tweak Laptop Registry. The registry is something that you should not be messing with if you do not know what you are doing and you should leave it to a repair professional to make laptop faster. It is the code that the laptop follows in executing all of its functions. There are many programs available that will fix registry problems automatically and cleans them up. These Boulder laptop repair tips can often get rid of your freezing problems.

5. Viruses issues can also make your laptop run slow. You can pick up a good free antivirus on our downloads page from Microsoft security essentials. Always get the latest anti-virus software and install it in your laptop. This is one of the simplest laptop repair tips that you should consider since a virus could be causing many of your troubles, and you can make laptop faster by getting rid of them.

Follow these steps to make laptop faster and your laptop will be running smooth for a while