Did you get locked out of your email account?

Just one day you tried to open up your email and all of a sudden Microsoft said that your email password was incorrect, and you SWEAR you didn’t reset it? It’s a common problem.

Here’s what most likely happened. Someone or something (like a digital robot) tried to access your account, and may or may not have been successful. If the attacker was not successful,Microsoft will lock your account out for 24 hours and let you know, via email, that your account was locked (way to think it through Microsoft!).

If the attacker did make it through and started sending a bunch of SPAM email to your mailing list, then Microsoft will lockout your account for 24 hours after the emails have been sent and let you  know, you guessed it, via email.

Good thing the good folks at Microsoft make it SO simple to reset your password. All you need is a bunch of information no normal person would remember, and then BAM, you’re back in business! But if you get anything wrong Microsoft will lockout your account for another full 24 hours until you get it right. Thanks again Microsoft.

After recently going through this nightmare myself, I decided to publish some of the tricks I use to get the email password reset.

1) Set up a new email account right away with a simple password at gmail.com

2) Check your phone: Even though you may not be able to get into your email, you probably still have all of the old email in your sent items on your phone that you can access. One of the questions is what are some of the email subjects of emails you recently sent, what are some of the addresses of emails you recently sent. If you don’t have a 3rd party mail program like Outlook, or Mac Mail, the phone will be your next go-to. Personally I can’t remember the subject of an email the second after it’s sent!

3)   Be Patient. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating to wait a full 24 hours to see if the information you’ve entered is valid or not, and try again. But at the end of the day a couple emails won’t be the end of the world. Unless the emails contain information on how to stop the end of the world. In which case email passwords would be the least of your problems.

Once you get your email password back, it’s best to move away from MSN mail, hotmail, or outlook mail to a more stable platform like google that will let you reset with a text message on the spot. You can always forward all of your old email to your new account anywhere. Just check out the How to forward my email permanently blog.

As always if you need help be sure to call the ITGuys at 303-578-6256