How To Use Dropbox

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Dropbox. Simplify your life with DropBox. DropBox  is an awesome file sharing program that you can install on any computer and access your files from anywhere. And, if you ever wanted to know how to use DropBox, the following YouTube video will give you an idea of how easy the program is to set up and install.

What is DropBox you ask?

DropBox is an awesome program that allows you to share files seamlessly between computers. This program is amazing especially if you have more than one computer, say a work machine and a home PC. No matter what, as long as you know how to use dropbox, you’ll be able to access the same files in both places with the DropBox system.

If you have an office that you want to share files on without a central server or main file share, DropBox is the perfect solution, and the best part (other than all of the other amazing parts about it) is that it’s free. No need for FTP (file transfer protocols) or automatic cloud storage systems as long as you know how to use dropbox.


Your DropBox files are always there, so no matter where you are, if you can access a computer with a dropbox installed, you can access your files as if you were at your own computer. If you know how to use dropbox, you can just log in with your username and password and you’re good to go.

Once you know how to use dropbox, get yours free today

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It’s one of the best free programs, and you can also get a free copy on the downloads page. Be a hero to someone else and teach them how to use dropbox too.

Now that you know how to use dropbox, you can share your files online seemlessly