VMWare Fusion on Mac OSX

Ever wanted to install window on your mac? Now with these awesome software from VMWare, you can. Here’s a short tutorial on how to install VMWare Fusion on your intel based mac. (Note: you need an Intel based mac for this to work properly)

VMWare allows you the freedom to run any windows based program on a mac without compromising power or drive space. Unlike Boot Camp or parallels, VMWare Fusion allows you boot into windows while inside your Mac OSX system, in a separate window, in full screen mode, or in fusion mode (coolest) that allows you to operate Microsoft windows seamlessly within the Mac OSX system. It takes about an hour to set up, but as long as you have some good music, the time should just fly by.

Check out this video on how to install VMWare Fusion on a Mac


Plus, the VMWare fusion system can be suspended at any time to eliminate the need for restarts and slow boot times. From a suspended state, the VMWare fusion system can be up and ready to go within seconds. In the above YouTube example, we use windows XP as our main OS to use with our 10.6 Mac OSX system, but you can just a easily use Windows Seven (Vista would not be a good idea for anything).

You can also install more than one OS, for example if you would prefer a Linux type system, then each OS can be selected for on boot.

VMWare Fusion, now you can have the best of both worlds