Computers can stop working for any number of reasons. But these three mistakes are what we here at the IT Guys see more than any other reasons.

The number 1 reason computers die is poor ventilation

Computers are machines that can heat up very quickly when they’re in an enclosed space or the ventilation system is covered for whatever reason. On laptops the fans are usually in the back or on the bottom. For desktop computers the fans are usually on the back or side. But  in any case when the fan is covered, or you’re hearing the loud whine of the fan, something is wrong. Overheating computers can cause major failures from blow capacitors, to RAM going bad to failing had drives. The early warning signs are slow computer operation, erratic processing behavior, and long boot times.

To remedy, make sure your computer has a easy access flow of air in and out of the machine. Laptops use little rubber feet, and desktops just need to have easy access to a fresh air source.

The second most  common reason is power failure

Power failures are a part of life. But the damaging effects can be curbed with the use of a UPS, or uninterrupted power supply. The UPS’s for short are essentially giant batteries that continually charge and discharge. This is to prevent hard drives from crashing, sudden spikes in electrical power, or data losses from improperly shut down machines.  Laptops don’t typically have the same issue. That’s because they have a built in battery. But it’s still a good idea to have a strong surge protector on your system (Not a power strip). The same problem can also occur but holding down the power button for 7 seconds to turn of the machine.

Surge protectors range in power surge protection levels from a $5 model all the way up to models costing thousands. The UPS is like a surge protector on steroids and will pretty much stop any power problems you’ll run into.

Lastly the 3rd most common reason is dust

Yeah, dust. It can cause terrible problems with overheating when it collects onto the heat sink of most computer  The remedy is to take a can of air and blow out your computer once a month to avoid problems with dust.

That’s it for now. As always if you need computer help please don’t hesitate to call the IT Guys at 303 578 6256