With more websites filling the interwebs everyday carrying similar products, services, and avenues for access to information, the debate of which sites will gain exposure boils down to Website Design, and the growing field of Search Engine Optimization. In SEO, one of the major questions that keeps coming up is….

Does Domain Age Really Matter With SEO?

In the trials and tribulations of Search Engine Optimization, going from the tedious to immersive, exhilarating to the exhausting, I’ve learned a lot. Mostly to never attempt it without professional help. The incredibly circuitous nature of SEO has many in’s and outs, but when it comes to domain age (the length of time a domain has been registered) the general rule of thumb is that domains that have been around for a long time have a higher page rank than pages without mature ages. But how much does it really matter?

To me, whether or not age is important is a kind of moot point. Whether you’ve registered a domain for 10 days or 10 years, no matter what, even if you buy a old domain, knowing if a domain age weighs a lot or a little is not going to change how old your domain is.

But, be that as it may, questions still persist and people still want to know…Is domain age really that important with SEO? And the answer is….


Rather, it doesn’t hurt.

Google has a lot of things they’re looking for and one of the main items is keeping spammers out of their systems. A major red flag google sees from a spammer is a brand new domain that’s registered and then dropped for spamming purposes. However if you really want to get your new domain name to carry some weight, a brand new domain can be offset with a long registration time, at least 5 years.

More important to Google is incoming link strength to your site from other sites. Especially from sites of a relevant nature. In other words, linking a small gardening business with a huge gardening store will help a ton. Or a prominent skateboard shop to a new skateboard wheel company, huge deal. That creates a deep index of sites and will help your page move up the ranks. But it’s only half the battle.

Website content is also a huge part if not more important than link strength. So having a mature domain is great, but if you’ve had the same content on your site for years, never updated, never added to, and never changed, then a new person with twice the content, 4 times the amount of incoming link strength, and a longer lease time on their domain can blow past you overnight. Website content must be updated and added to on a regular basis to index deeper into your page and rank higher into search engines. There’s no two ways about it.

But at the end of the day, all the work that goes into making a website great and rank high is a full time job. It takes dedicated professionals working diligently to get your page to rank. It’s best left to those who know whats best. Check out the guys at RouteSEO for more information.