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Meeting the IT operations needs of your business is essential to strong business performance. But keeping pace and keeping the many moving parts running well require a depth and breadth that is costly to build and maintain internally. Too often, companies rely on burdened internal IT teams and a patchwork of managed services outsourcers.

At ITGuysTeam, we have a very different approach to managed services – one focused on running seamless IT operations as a key element of business performance.

People and processes are essential to performance

We have deliberately built a high-touch managed services model, delivered by a fully onshore team, to support the needs of clients with complex operating requirements and demanding user bases. That has meant investments in people, skills, processes, automation and analytics to drive the performance our clients expect.

Efficiently run core systems are the foundation on which your business endures, grows, and innovates. Run them well, and you are better positioned to achieve and exceed your business objectives—and to keep pace with change. Let us master the fundamentals so you can focus on your core business goals and objectives.

We’re a committed on-shore team of business, and technology experts

Our Managed Services team has the true depth and expertise to run core operations – whether on premises, in the cloud, or both – 24×7, for today’s complex and evolving enterprises. We’re not just a collection of specialists; we’re a team of more than 20 enthusiasts with a passion for excellence, improvement and client service.

We’ve made a deliberate decision to keep our Managed Services team on shore and connected to both our clients and our consulting departments. You will work with people hand-picked to be part of our team, not external partners or outsourced vendors.

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