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Whether it’s Apple, PC, Server or a custom build, diagnostics from ITGuys is your best insight to make an informed decision about your technology, still from $49.


Routine Diagnostics

When your computer isn’t performing correctly, get it checked out by a certified by an ITGuys technician. A standard diagnostic looks at the hardware, software, and general performance of your computer.


We take your computer down to the bolts to make sure every piece of the machine is in tip top shape. The most common failures we see are hard drives and power supplies. Generally they should last between 3-5 years. But a well maintained computer should last between 8-10 years. Don’t wait until you have a failure to get your computer checked out.


Software problems happen at random and all of the time. Software companies don’t always play nice with each other. With so many different companies making software, parts , and updates, it’s a wonder computers don’t break down more often.  Combine with file corruption that can happen for no reason, and it’s a recipe for failures waiting to happen.


Does your computer seem like it’s slowing down? Believe it or not there’s a reason and it may not be what you think. When computers get clogged up with junk files, aging hard drives, or crumbling thermal regulation, they stop working normally. Get tuned up with an optimzation from ITGuys. We’ll get your that machine of yours humming!

Regular check-ups for irregular computers

ITGuys supports custom builds too! We love to assist with your custom rig and help keep it running smooth. Because custom builds are generally pushed harder than a standard machine, it makes getting check-ups regularly that much more important. Custom build diagnostics are still just $99!

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